Success Stories

Your success stories are our best case histories. As well as a “win win” approach, we have developed systems and applications that optimise operational and control activities, increasing effectiveness and improving results.

we get great resuts

1.Presence Detection System

A fully-customisable, interactive application for every connected device (mobile or otherwise). It allows you to follow who’s present in the warehouse, comings and goings,staff admin, PPE management, and all staff-related matters to facilitate payroll processing.

2.Activity Management System

A customisable multi-platform application that allows you to monitor performance and productivity by department, task, or any other parameter.

3.Unloading Booking System

Regulate and optimise the flow of vehicles for loading/unloading activities, with the ability to produce reports and interact directly with the carrier.

4.OCR Reader

We have developed software that extracts the relevant elements of a paper document, and converts them into data (eg. sender, recipient, weight, volume of packages etc).